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Maybe not directly MBA related, but... - Miss Black America fans

About Maybe not directly MBA related, but...

Previous Entry Maybe not directly MBA related, but... May. 21st, 2004 @ 03:07 pm Next Entry
I imagine MBA fans would be interested in this, already posted something about it on their guestbook:

From the eFestivals website:

The Libertines are to headline the London Love Music Hate Racism Festival, at Finsbury Park, north London, on Sunday 6 June, from 12 noon til 8pm.

The event is completely FREE to enter, though they will be asking everyone who can to give a donation to help pay for the cost of staging it.

Headlining a wonderfully eclectic bill will be THE LIBERTINES, with a VERY special guest artist to be announced next week, and there's something for everyone across a main stage and dance marquee that feature rock, hip-hop, reggae, garage, indie, bashment, punk, r&b and drum'n'bass. The very best of UK music talent uniting against racism and fascism.

The event comes just four days before the London Assembly and Euro elections on Thursday 10 June in which the fascist BNP hope to win seats. The BNP are currently polling 5% of the vote in London, enough to get them a seat on the GLA. They need get only 10% in any Euro seat to get an MEP. But we can stop them. The 6 June festival, along with the one in Manchester on 30 May will see tens of thousands celebrating black and white unity against the racists and fascists and send a message out loud and clear - the BNP's not welcome here!

Rumour has it that the "VERY special guest artist" may in fact be Morrissey (!!!!!)... please don't bitch at me if this turns out to be false though! I'm just repeating the most widespread and likely-sounding rumour that I've heard...

The preliminary line-up is available here.

'Twould be cool to see some of you there ;D

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Date:May 21st, 2004 09:44 am (UTC)
if mozza played, my life would be complete.

but i'm going regardless. free giggage = happy ria.
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Date:May 23rd, 2004 07:06 am (UTC)
I will attempt to drag my flatmate down there - I live about 20 minutes bus journey up the road, so it's not far. Although, if Morrissey plays, I think I'd have to break her legs to stop her going. Sadly, the opposite is true of me :P
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